stealing your girl like



Look here you little hussy 

[ a music video featuring Joshua Kiryu, but the song is Telephone by Lady Gaga. ]

People are just like ants.

Except noisier and harder to squish.


"Huh. Like, you’re kinda tempting me to want to try, but like, that’s so not gonna happen. Tickle fights are like, sooo many kinds of not cool."


"Then like, how about we skip the drama and just slap some pics of my face on a couple of boxes of cereal in the stores then buy out the rest between the two of us? It’s not like the management could catch us if we did. We could even make their entire orange juice stock ‘mysteriously vanish’ while we’re there."

"It isn’t feasible that you’ll drop the orange juice thing, I suppose?"

"You present a deviously intriguing prospect. I would have to be a shameless liar to deny my interest. Although … if we’re going to really make a bang up job of this operation, we will need to come up with a killer design for your cardboard debut. For that matter, we may as well overtake the label in its entirety …

"Switching the name to Coco Bluffs and making the cereal only semi chocolatey is an option.”

neku--sakuraba asked: I summon you with: a cell phone, vending machine, liquid douche baggery, dragon couture's most expensive item, a gun, and "tee hee"s.

Fair enough.


The only trouble is, I don’t believe you could personally reach a high enough octave to execute the correct “tee hee’s.” It has to sound vaguely like rodent speak. 

You need Kronk’s squirrel scouts to summon me.

I’m a demon, and you want to summon me. What six components are required for the ritual?